• Journalism

    Roger Tavener created the Tamworth Two - and made them global porcine superstars. He wants that on his headstone. None of that unique, award-winning reporter and feature writer of the year stuff. Or being a gong-laden editor with the Daily Mail group, showbiz ed at the Express, or covering wars and whores and rock star tours and making his old pal Halle Berry what she is today. Not even getting the world's first interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, and taking her across the road for a pint. Or for shaking the foundations of the British establishment by revealing that Stonehenge was fake.

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  • Communications

    TALKING. It’s basic. Right. We all use words, but how many can really communicate? It’s vital now with instant mass communication available to all on their omnipresent smart phones. Whatever you’re selling, promoting, teaching or preaching, you’ve got to use the right words. In the right order. With the right keywords. That equals = IMPACT. He's had access to all communication areas, working in press, pr and publicity for newspapers, magazines, websites and covering everything from entertainment to education, especially when running two agencies he successfullly launched.

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  • Photography

    NOT so long ago as a daily newspaper picture editor and dealing with his own agency's photographs, he got fed up with signing lots of cheques with lots of zeroes to photographers. He decided to take his own - for fun and money. He ended up being the photojournalist He had always intended to be. Now he gets as much of a kick out of seeing his images in print or on-line or in a Royal Photographic Society exhibition as his words. And under-estimate the power of images and video in getting your message/brand/campaign across at your peril. Because great photos and videos are great for business and vital in a world dominated by sound and vision.

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