"Just because you’re saying words doesn’t mean you’re talking… Just because you’re writing words doesn’t mean you’re a writer… I can draw matchstick men, that doesn’t mean
I’m an artist."

Roger Tavener worked as a staffer for Express Newspapers, Associated (the Daily Mail group) and News International (The Sun). As show business editor, head of news, news editor, chief feature writer, picture editor and a few more positions besides. Often juggling huge editorial budgets. Prior to that he was a Foreign Correspondent with Press Assocation-Reuters and latterly worked on every continent in undercover roles. Dodgy places like Moscow, Zimbabwe, China, India, Dubai, Palestine.

He's also opened and run two successful media agencies and covered a couple of wars. For the last three years he has been based in Australia and has just received a permanent residency/work visa. During that time his ability to work was restricted but he is now an accredited correspondent/columnist for telegraph.co.uk, Sport 360 (UAE) and also worked for Sydney outfits including ninemsn and The Weather Channel and conducted PR campaigns.

You can view his full resume here.


Work: +61 2 8006 0076

Mobile: +61 424 739 521

Email: rt@rogertavener.com

Location: Sydney, Australia